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November 5, 2012
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You took a step back to admire your finished restaurant. It certainly stood out in your new American home town, especially when consider all the IHOPs that were everywhere. You grinned proudly. You’d show these Americans what true pancakes were like! Not to mention some pretty darn awesome maple syrup!

You went inside and locked the door, taking your time in admiring the inside. It was set up simply, with some Canadian flag decorations and some American ones. There were plain wooden tables with checkered tablecloths and booths, to add to the American-ness of your new business.

You missed living in Canada, despite your excitement. You had told your friends that it would be a great new opportunity! After all, America was supposed to be the place for new beginnings, right? Despite his obnoxiousness, America’s home was your home for a while, and despite the current bad economy, it would be interesting to go back to your childhood home.

You shut off the lights with a smile as the dark hastily covered your eyes. Tomorrow would be your opening day, and you were excitedly looking forward to it.

You went through the back room, upstairs to the flat you owned above the building. When you opened the door, you weren’t at all surprised to see America sprawled out on your couch, which he must have moved, as well as the T.V., which he must have set up. However, you did not recall having a Wii.

“Yo, _______!” America grinned. “I saw your new shop! I’m gonna come eat here tomorrow!”

“I better go order a truckload of ingredients, then,” You laughed, recalling his voracious appetite.

He jumped to his feet (after pausing his game) and tackle hugged you. “It’s been forever! I’m glad you came back!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

“Yeah, I missed the U.S. of A,” You smiled, “Though I do miss Canada already.” You admitted, abashed.

“Canada, Canada…” America tapped his chin for a second. “Oh yeah! He was totally England’s favorite kid when we were little!”

“Weren’t you?” You questioned, an eyebrow raised. “Aren’t you still?”

America opened his mouth, turning a little red, which you inwardly laughed at. “Whatever, dude! Anyway, I’ll be sure to tell him that you miss him already!”

“America, don’t you dare!” You reached out to grab him, but he skipped out of the way, grinning.

“See ya later, _____! I got you a Wii!” He dove out the window, and when you went to look, he was already gone.

You heaved a sigh, glancing at the Wii. Had he even gotten any games? Huffing again, you went over to the dog crate in your room and undid the clip. “Sorry, boy!” You murmured, rubbing the big dog’s ears. He was a Duck Tolling Retriever, who you had aptly named Maple due to his dark gold fur. The dog snuffled at you and licked your face, before curling up on his bed.

You smiled, and stood up, going to change into your pajamas and go to bed. After all, tomorrow was a big day…


The next morning at six o’clock sharp, you were already down in the restaurant, doing last minute checks on everything. By seven, the first people were showing up, and soon, there was a line of people showing up to try your “genuine Canadian pancakes”.

Panicking, you found yourself struggling to keep up with demands. You hadn’t expected this many people, so you hadn’t hired much help. You were exhausted, and the heat, so familiar and comfortable before, was starting to make you dizzy.

“Boss! You should take a break!” One of your employees, a friend of yours, called out in concern.

“No…then we’ll never be able to keep up,” You replied with a smile towards her.

“Um…______?” A voice said softly behind you.

You whipped around. You recognized that voice! That was…that was…
…who was that? He had somewhat long dark blonde hair, violet eyes, and glasses, as well as a pair of goggles on his head. There was a miniature polar bear sitting on the ground next to him. You were sure you had seen him somewhere…

Just kidding! It was Canada, who you had never been happier to see. “Canada!” You exclaimed, hugging him tightly. “I missed you!”

“You…haven’t even been gone forty eight hours,” He replied with a smile, though he was blushing now. You were the only one who seemed to notice him. The rest of your coworkers had gone back to work, as if even you were invisible now.

“I know, but-“ You were cut off as another order came in. “Ah! I’m sorry, Canada, looks like we’ll have to talk later-“

“You look exhausted,” Canada said in concern. “Let me take over for a little while, eh?”

You looked ready to argue, but Canada, being decisive out of concern, insisted. He turned to his polar bear.

“Komataro, make sure ______ is resting and not secretly working. At least for an hour, anyway.”

“Who are you?” Kumajiro demanded.

Canada sighed, looking defeated. He’d had this argument many times. “I’m Canada, your owner…”

“Let’s go, ______,” The polar bear turned to you, recognizing you immediately. Canada sighed.

You looked hesitantly at the polar bear, then quickly kissed Canada on the cheek, making him turn scarlet. “Thanks, Canada.”

Canada grinned shakily at you. “N-no problem, ______. After all, I’m the one who taught you how to make pancakes, eh?”

You laughed. “That you did.” You turned to your coworkers. “Hey guys! This is Canada, he’s gonna take over for me for a while!”

“Whoa, when’d you get there, dude?” One of your coworkers stared at him in shock.

Your friend looked relieved. “That means you’re taking a break? Thank God for that.” She turned to Canada. “And thank you too, Canadia.”

Canada looked a little peeved. “It’s Canada,” he protested weakly.

“Whatever,” She went back to doing her job.

You giggled in amusement. “See you in a bit, eh?”

Canada couldn’t help but smile. “Alright, ______.” He replied softly.

You and Kumajiro went out back, sitting comfortably in the cool outside. To your surprise, Maple bounded down the stairs and flew into your lap, knocking you over. Not surprisingly, he was followed by America.

“Here, puppy! Here-“ He broke off. “Ah…hi, _____! Nice weather, huh?”

You raised your eyebrows. “America. What were you doing in my home?”

“Uh, well, I was…”

To your surprise, England came out of your house too. “Bloody hell, America,” he cursed. “Did you have to make it so we wound up directly in her house? And you let her dog out too-“ He suddenly noticed you. “Hullo, _____!” He greeted you, covering up his ungentlemanly-ness quickly. “We came to try your pancakes!”

“Really?” You were thrilled.

“Ah…shouldn’t you be making them, or…?” England trailed off.

“No, Canada took over for a bit,” You explained.

Both of them looked blank for a moment.

“Canada? Canadia? England, he was your commonwealth till, like, mid 20th century!” You groaned, exasperated for Canada.

England lit up. “Oh yes! I remember! I took him from France, the poor child…come to think of it…” He looked at you with one bushy eyebrow raised. “I seem to recall you were quite taken with him.”

You slowly turned red. “I, um…”

“Hey, feed me!” Kumajiro batted your face with one paw.

America laughed obnoxiously. “I could totally tell him, you know!” He taunted.

“Well, I could tell England that you love him!” You shot back, instantly covering your mouth when you remembered England was there.

For a moment, there was an awkward silence, for more than one reason, though you didn’t know the other just then.

You stood up and walked slowly into the kitchen, avoiding the awkward scene…when you walked right into Canada.

“Ah! Canada, I’m sorry, I’m just…um…” You turned red and stopped talking when you noticed him looking at you, a little flushed as well.

“Um, I just heard…back there…”

You hoped he had only heard the second part. “You mean about America and England?”

“______, everyone’s known that since World War I.” Canada’s mouth twitched. “I meant…about…um, well…do you really like me?”

His question took you by surprise. You never thought he would be able to straight out ask like that. “No! I mean, yes! I mean…uh…” You hung your head, face heating up. “Yeah…”

To your surprise, when you looked up, he was smiling at you. “I’m happy, ______,” He reached out and hugged you.

“I was lying,” You whispered. Canada looked up, hurt. “I love you, Canada.” You corrected yourself with a smile.

He smiled back. “Je t’aime.” He whispered, and kissed you. Nobody noticed. Both of you were invisible to the world, and the kiss was as sweet as maple syrup.
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